Honor & Memorial Giving

We have several options for giving on behalf of another. You can make a tribute gift in the name of a loved one, get an engraved brick on the Paws-Way, a personalized Paw-Plate, or make a donation in lieu of party favors for a wedding or a party, on your guests’ behalf. All are great ways to honor a loved one or commemorate a special event while supporting the SPCA in building a better and more humane community.

Tribute Gifts

Your gift to the SPCA can pay tribute to the memory of a friend, loved one, or special pet, or it can honor someone for special occasions - birthdays, weddings, holidays - or for no occasion at all! A card notifying the individual or family of your gift will be sent upon request within 5 days.  Your gift will also be listed in our quarterly Animals at Heart newsletter.

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The Paws-Way

Why not "make your mark" at the SPCA and help our dogs and other animals at the same time?  Purchase a personalized, engraved brick on the 180-foot dog walk path, the Paws-Way!  It's a scenic walkway decorated with shady trees, benches, and a heart-shaped patio...a lovely setting for long afternoon or evening walks with those special four-footed friends who need extra space, love, and attention.  The bricks give you a chance to express your love for animals, or can be used as a tribute to a family member, friend, donor, or beloved animal companion. 

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Personalized Paw-Plates

Purchase a personalized Paw-Plate and your special message will be displayed in the adoptions lobby of the SPCA for an entire year. These 1.5" x 3.75" black plates are elegantly diplayed on one of two plaques - In Memory Of or In Honor Of.  What a unique way to remember a loved one or honor a friend, pet, or occasion!

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Wedding Favors

Looking for a unique and personal way to honor your guests at your upcoming wedding?  Make a donation to the SPCA in lieu of favors.  At your wedding, your guests will receive a personalized card announcing your thoughtful donation.  

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