Educational Farm

Adoptable Farm Animals Spotlight!


For more information on these or any other farm animals we have up for adoption, please email the farm staff at or call them at 716-629-3511 for Sheila Foss, or 716-629-3529 for Patti Burg, they would be happy to answer your farm animal related questions.

Download a Livestock Adoption Application

Download an Equine Adoption Application

Once completed, please return the above form(s) to the attention of the farm staff.

Fax to: 716-875-8100
E-mail to
Mail in or drop off to: SPCA, 205 Ensminger Rd. Tonawanda, NY 14150
If you have questions for the farm staff you can e-mail us.

Can't adopt a farm animal but would like to help us?

Here are some things we need:

Rubber stall mats
Plain (4#) salt bricks
Reams of colored copy paper or card stock
Bagged fine or medium shavings
Loads/bales of clean and dry hay/straw


 A Brief History of our Farm

The educational farm and barn of the SPCA Serving Erie County opened to the public in 1977 to provide proper housing for large animals, primarily livestock. Many animals find shelter under our barn's roof, both temporary and permanent, including horses, goats, chickens, pheasants and even pigs.

Animals are brought to the educational farm for different reasons. Some are surrendered by their owners or are strays. Others are brought in as a result of seizure during an animal cruelty investigation and reside in our farm pending court decision or sign-over by the owners. These animals are usually in poor health or improperly socialized. Our extraordinary team of barn staff and volunteers work with these animals daily to improve their quality of life.

What began as a necessity for large animal housing and treatment has been expanded into a tool for humane education. In our ever-growing urban community, a visit to the educational farm is, for many people, their initial contact with live farm animals. Children and adults alike find their time here both enjoyable and educational.

The barn area consists of more than just the educational farm. It includes Lattimer Pond, a registered habitat for various forms of wildlife and flora native to Western New York. The educational farm and pond are maintained by staff members and a team of dedicated volunteers.


Educational Farm Hours

Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 11 am - 5:30 pm
Tuesday, Thursday: 11 am - 7:30 pm
Saturday: 10 am - 4:30 pm
Sunday: Closed