SPCA Animal Rescue

24 hours/day  7 days/week


Animal Emergency Contact Information

SPCA Serving Erie County, Tonawanda Shelter: 716-875-7360

After-Hours Emergencies


After-Hours Wildlife Emergencies:


  • The SPCA Animal Rescue Team responds to approximately 3,000 animal rescue calls each year.
  • Animal Rescue Team Members are on call 24 hours each day, 7 days each week, 365 days each year!
  • Types of animals rescued do not only include domestic animals. The Animal Rescue Team responds to emergency calls pertaining to wildlife, farm animals, reptiles, and more.
  • The average cost to the SPCA per rescue response is approximately $70.96. That’s approximately $212,880. per year! Did we mention that we receive no federal, state, county, nor city funding….?
  • Animal Rescue Team members also provide additional services to the community, including owned-animal pick-ups, animal transfers from other shelters and facilities, veterinary animal transports, and wildlife pick-ups.
  • The Animal Rescue Department is considered one of the most dangerous departments in which to work. Team members are routinely asked to pick up injured animals on thruways and busy highways, to climb trees, perform water rescues, handle rabies vector animals, climb down sewers, and search vacant houses for abandoned animals.