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Donate your birthday, anniversary, or other special occasion to the SPCA and become a member of our Celebrations Club! By asking friends and family members to make donations to the SPCA in lieu of giving gifts to you on your special day, you will be eligible for the following:

  • Your name listed on the official Celebrations Club Page of the SPCA's Web site, YourSPCA.org;
  • A token from Anderson's good for a small frozen custard or one scoop ice cream cone;
  • $5 gift certificate towards any Petique purchase (excluding food).

Just return your donation to the SPCA with this donation form so we can properly acknowledge your generosity!

Check out these quick and easy-to-use templates to help plan the perfect party!


Current Members

December 2015: Joslyn Likos
December 2015: Mia Wagner
December 2015: Hudson Gazzoln
December 2015: Lil Duquette
December 2015: Courtney Longworthy
December 2015: Katie Tribble
December 2015: Lovisa Martin
December 2015: Max Zlotnick
December 2015: Lydia Johnston
December 2015: Ella Waffner
January 2016: Peyton Wilkolaski
January 2016: Megan Pjanomski
February 2016: Corinne Amorese
February 2016: Nora-Cate Badach
February 2016: Allison Hill
February 2016: Maya Halliwell
March 2016: Grace Baumgautner
March 2016: Giuliana Gudleski
March 2016: Olivia Smith
April 2016: Claire Collins
April 2016: Allyson Siffringer
May 2016: Bucky Killian
May 2016: Coral Bo