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Only you can make our dream a reality. Our current home of 54 years can no longer continue to accommodate the needs of our community. 

A very charitable SPCA friend and donor has offered to match any gift, up to $1 million! Take advantage today of this exciting chance to have your generosity matched dollar-for-dollar in our Raise the Roof $1 Million Challenge!

Our new facility will feature:
- Advanced medical equipment that will make us better equipped to save lives
- More space to treat animals more quickly upon receipt
- A separate examination area to relieve stress on surrendered animals
- The space to conduct in-house treatment that is currently outsourced
- New kennels build by today’s standards with more room for recovery
- Room for behavior modification and enrichment
- Individual adoption and counseling rooms that will allow for consultation
- A wildlife department would have space to keep various species separated
- A more centralized location 
Donate today, and help the SPCA secure $1 million!
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