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Goal: $14.7 million | Current amount raised: $12,835,677

A new beginning
We came to the realization that we had outgrown our home on Ensminger Road some time ago. When you walked into our former shelter, it was immediately apparent to you that we were bursting at the seams. Not only was our Adoptions floor filled with animals, but every back office had a cage of some sort, our auditorium and infirmary areas were filled with cages, and what you didn't even see on the Tonawanda property were the hundreds of available animals at our offsite adoption locations and in hundreds of volunteer foster homes, because there was just no room for them there. 

The former shelter was built in 1962 to accommodate the needs of homeless animals who were simply housed by us for just a matter of days. Today, our community's needs are very different...and in response, our humane society provides more extensive services to thousands more animals with greater needs, some who are with us much longer than just a few days. Animals are now being treated in the SPCA's infirmary, and others are receiving behavior modification, which means they stay with us longer periods of time as they progress, all before hitting the Adoptions floor.

As the years pass, the community's needs change. What a community expects for its animals changes. Today, more than ever before, we conduct an increased number of life-saving procedures and in-house treatments. To accommodate these needs and to continue to fulfill our vital role in this community, we needed to face facts: It was time to move and expand.

With a significantly larger medical area, private consultation rooms, and kennels that were built to present-day standards, our animals are treated more quickly and more will be saved in the new shelter. Additionally, expanded internal departments allow us to treat an increased number of cats and dogs, wildlife, and other animals that will come our way, while a centralized location will better serve our entire community and make participation in programs and services more accessible to all.