SPCA Adoption Program

With a little treatment, you'll get a lot of love from a frisky feline to call your own!

The Patient
A sweet and loving kitty with a temporary upper respiratory infection (URI), causing symptoms that may include sneezing, runny eyes and noses, lethargy, lack of appetite.

The Cure
Plenty of TLC at your home or apartment! TLC may include drops, wiping eyes and noses, keeping cats warm and fed away from other animals, and if necessary, bringing the cats back to the SPCA for a veterinary check-up.

The Result
A recovered cat to share your life, happy and healthy and already a member of your family!

The Cost
By adopting a URI kitty through our Catchoo program and giving him or her the necessary care in your home, all medical bills will be covered until the time of adoption...and your adoption fee will be cut in half!

Visit Catchoo cats at the SPCA's 205 Ensminger Road, Tonawanda shelter!
Find links to photos of adoptable animals, adoption fees, and more here!

For more information, call SPCA Adoptions: 716-629-3531!