Canine Foster Care Program for Special-Needs SPCA Dogs!


The SPCA Serving Erie County is in DESPERATE NEED of New Leash on Life foster homes for the 2014 season!  Can you help? 
Call SPCA Director of Volunteer Services Kelly Lindstrom at 716-629-3503 or Cheryl Lindstrom at 716-609-0189, or email to learn more about saving animals' lives in 2014!


Download a New Leash On Life volunteer application here!
See available New Leash On Life dogs!

What is the NEW LEASH ON LIFE Program?

NEW LEASH ON LIFE is a foster program designed to help dogs that are incredible adoption candidates, but that have special needs, or simply do not adapt well to a shelter environment.

What happens to these dogs?

SPCA staff members and volunteers are dedicated to finding new homes for these but do not want to contribute to increased stress levels by keeping them at our dogs shelter. Instead, a group of unique volunteers agree to house them and give them the love and attention they need while they wait for their new, permanent homes. They're still available for adoption, like any other dog...they're just available somewhere else! The SPCA even provides training equipment, leashes and collars, food dishes, toys, and more!

Come on, what's the catch? What's REALLY wrong with these dogs? 

Absolutely nothing. But an animal shelter environment, full of different sounds, scents, and sights, may make them nervous...skittish...even aggressive or hyper...when they may not normally exhibit these behaviors in a quieter setting, away from hundreds of other dogs and animals. They simply have special needs that can be better met in a home environment (they may be very shy, they may require a special food program, they may be deaf, etc.), or they become too nervous or depressed in a shelter setting and need to be in a home setting to thrive mentally and emotionally. They're great dogs, every bit as adoptable as the others! In fact, check out the dogs currently in our New Leash On Life dogs!

So how can I learn more about these dogs? Can I adopt one of them, or become a NEW LEASH ON LIFE volunteer myself?

New Leash dogs ARE available for adoption! See available New Leash On Life dogs here! New Leash On Life is always in need of volunteers. To learn about becoming a volunteer please contact our program coordinators for an application or for more information: Cheryl or Kelly Lindstrom: 716-609-0189. A New Leash On Life volunteer application can be downloaded here!


Animals Currently in our NEW LEASH ON LIFE Program: