Pet Visitation Program

As part of the SPCA's PAWS FOR LOVE program, pet owners bring their gentle dogs, cats, and smaller pets like rabbits to more than 50 area nursing homes, assisted living facilities, group homes, Hospice locations, children's facilities, even schools and stress-reducing events at

Volunteers' pets are evaluated by certified animal behaviorists at the SPCA* and, once approved, the volunteers are put directly in touch with representatives of the facility requesting visitation so a mutually-beneficial schedule can be discussed.

Paws for Love is unlike any other program offered by the SPCA. For hundreds of patients and assisted-living residents each year, visits from faithful, four-legged friends often add entirely new dimensions to people's lives.

Several facilities are on a waiting list requesting visitation. Currently, 105 SPCA volunteers and their pets are part of Paws for Love, and WE ARE LOOKING FOR ADDITIONS TO OUR VOLUNTEER FAMILY!

If you are interested in learning more about PAWS FOR LOVE, contact Program Coordinator Deborah Braun: 716-681-0744 or dlfb2@msn.com. You can find us on Facebook too, or view our program video here!

*Sit 'n Stay Pet Services generously helps SPCA behaviorists evaluate pets for this program at no cost to the SPCA!

Going to
the dogs!

In November, 2013, SPCA
Paws for
Love dogs started
visiting the
International Airport!

The goal: calming the nerves of
anxious passengers!
Buffalo is one
of just seven
cities in the nation
to offer this
valuable program, and
we are the second-largest
(with 22
dogs!), just behind Los

Angeles (with 30 dogs). The
dogs and their volunteers will
also work in the airport's
Preview Program, involving
preview visits to the airport by
families with autistic or
developmentally disabled
Read more about the
program kick-off
and see our
official airport visitation program
photo album here!
Contact Debbie
(contact information at right)

to see how you and your dog
can become involved with
this program!
SEE 11/7's PRESS
Video 1
Video 2
Video 3


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