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Hi! I'm a sweet 7-year-old named BARK TWAIN! Know what would make me REALLY thankful this holiday? Coming to live at your home! Let's celebrate the holidays TOGETHER!

Some deem me "Couch Potato", but I prefer "Leisure Companion Extraordinaire!"

I have acquired an appreciation for the quieter side of life and I'm hoping to write the best chapters of my story with a like-minded grown-up! Like my namesake Mark Twain's beautiful quote says, "To get the full value of joy you must have someone to divide with!" To me, that means simple pleasures are best when shared with a true friend... don't you agree??

I truly am a softie at heart! I love everything soft...soft voices and music, soft treats, soft cozy places to lounge in and soft relaxing touch! I'm perfect for a leisure homebody who wants a calm friend who takes short daily strolls. I promise to listen to your stories, keep your secrets, and comfort you when needed!

So what do you say? Let's meet today at the SPCA's 205 Ensminger Rd., Tonawanda shelter to see if I'm the tender heart you've been looking for! I really hope by evening we will be cozy housemates!

Remember...the SPCA's Tonawanda shelter is closed for Thanksgiving Thursday and Friday, but you can adopt some of my friends Friday at our Eastern Hills Mall location (back of the mall, across from Dipson Theatres) and NAME YOUR OWN ADOPTION FEE!!! All the fun is happening this Friday, November 25 at the Eastern Hills Mall location ONLY!!! Name Your Own Price Adoptions info is at !




Bobby Joe, 1, and Betty Sue, 2, are bonded friends forever and are seeking a home together! They're tiny at only 6 pounds each, but they're big  on love! Here's what they have to say:

Hi there! We are happy duo Betty Sue & Bobby Joe!

We are lifelong friends who can't imagine a life without each other. We would love nothing more than to  belong to a loving family who would welcome the both of us!

We are happy, playful little lap-warmers (one for each lap!) who enjoy lots of love, pets, and delicious treats. Of course, in return, you will be compensated with unconditional  love, purring lullabies, and  cozy cuddles times two to warm up your heart & soul.

If that sounds like the kind of life you could get used to, then visit us today at Petco, Transit Road in Williamsville! See our video here!

Visit us at SPCA offsite location
4401 Transit Rd.
Williamsville, NY 14221

How many problems could a totally adorable, 3-month old kitten possibly have, you may be wondering. What could have already gone wrong in this little guy's

Well, nothing intentional, really. Poor guy has Feline Leukemia, and with much new research becoming available through Cornell and the Morris Foundation, we're learning that Feline Leukemia, while contagious, isn't exactly what we thought it was.

Walnut did test positive for leukemia, but like many other cats, can live a long, full life never showing signs of the illness. He's such a crazy, active kitten now, you'd never know anything was wrong if the tests weren't taken!

The perfect home for Walnut? Well, there are a few options. A single-cat household would be good, or a household with pets other than cats, or even a household with a cat that already has leukemia. Perhaps someone would adopt Walnut and then consider bringing a second leukemia-positive cat in, or some other kind of pet, to keep Walnut company! Many possibilities, and with Walnut's gorgeous face and charismatic personality, every possibility is worth serious consideration - he's hard to pass up!

Visit Walnut at the SPCA's Tonawanda shelter! For details, call SPCA Adoptions, 716-629-3531!



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There's no place like home for the least that's what Leona believes...and this 4-year-old Bulldog would love to be keeping you warm in your home!

Leona's available for adoption, but you won't find her at the SPCA's Tonawanda shelter! She's living with one of our amazing volunteers in a New Leash On Life home!

NEW LEASH ON LIFE is a foster program designed to help dogs who are incredible adoption candidates, but who have special needs or simply do not adapt well to a shelter environment.
SPCA staff members and volunteers are dedicated to finding new homes for these dogs, but do not want to contribute to their increased stress levels by keeping them at our shelter. Instead, a group of unique volunteers agree to house them and give them the love and attention they need while they wait for their new, permanent homes. They are still available for adoption, like any other dog…they are just available somewhere else! The SPCA even provides training equipment, leashes and collars, food dishes, toys, and more!

Leona's on the bashful side...she's just a bit nervous in new surroundings, and shelter life was a little hard on she's waiting for her new family while temporarily residing with one of our loving volunteers, who can give her plenty of time and attention!

To meet Leona, call the SPCA's Behavior and Training Department, 716-629-3537, and schedule an appointment!



Chowder is our young, enthusiastic, smart, entertaining, the-glass-is-ALWAYS-half-full Pups at the Pen graduate! For the past six weeks, Chowder has lived with female inmates at the Erie County Correctional Facility in Alden. 

Chowder is deaf, so under the tutelage of the SPCA’s Behavior and Training Department’s Rita, the inmates learned how to train Chowder on hand cues for ‘sit,’ ‘down,’ ‘come,’ ‘yes,’ and ‘no.’ Because of Pups at the Pen, the individual training and attention that Chowder received cannot be under-stated. This extensive training has been a blessing for Chowder and, ultimately, for whoever adopts her!

Chowder made friends with everyone. In fact, one of the corrections officers became one of her favorite people because he enjoyed rough housing with her! Together, the CO and Chowder played with stuffies. She loves tugging them, dissecting them, and gleefully tossing and catching them. Everyone loved watching her play!

A few weeks ago, Rita wrote, ‘she loves everyone and solicits attention politely with those she knows. New people are still greeted with airborne enthusiasm and her trainers and the COs will be helping her to greet unknown persons more calmly.’ This is why Chowder was the perfect candidate for Pups at the Pen – all of the individualized attention is only to her benefit!

Chowder will be available for adoption at 11 a.m. on Friday, Nov. 18. Rita is willing to donate an initial consult with whoever is lucky enough to adopt Chowder! She will show you all of the hand signals and the skills that Chowder learned in the program.

‘Her affectionate and goofy nature is pure pittylove (scientific term) and the women are very happy to have her there!’ – From Rita’s behavior notes

 Still available -- last week's Newshound, Ocean!


It takes little-to-no time for Ocean to get to you know and to love you. (And if you have a squeaky toy, it’s definitely love at first squeak!) And once you get to know her, you'll find her just as irresistible as she finds you! 

Ocean really loves spending time with people, but she doesn't get along with other dogs. She just wants that one and only person she can claim as her own! She's a terrific, easy leash walker, and has so much fun on walks and you’re guaranteed to have fun with her, too!

Ocean’s longing for a home of her own. In fact, she really works it and tries to beg every visitor who comes by! She’s always blatantly trying to get someone to keep her. If you'll stop to give her a second look (or maybe even a scratch behind the ears or a pat on the head!), she'll stare at you with his her gorgeous brown eyes and gently put her paw on your arm. 

If you think you could give Ocean her second chance, she would love to meet you at the SPCA, 205 Ensminger Rd., Tonawanda shelter! Call SPCA Adoptions, 716-629-3531, for more information!


Mike Randall on WKBW-TV

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*Each Thursday during AM Buffalo (Ch. 7, 10:00 am), Mike Randall features an SPCA animal NOT up for adoption....yet. At the time of filming, the animal featured by Mike is a YELP FOR HELP patient, receiving some kind of costly veterinary care at the SPCA prior to adoption. Missed a week? Look for the most current Yelp for Help segment on AM Buffalo's website page here!

See previous years' segments here!

*What is Yelp for Help? Well...not every animal comes to the SPCA Serving Erie County healthy and adoptable. Countless animals suffer from life-threatening illnesses and injuries, usually the result of being abused or neglected. They require immediate...and expensive...veterinary care that is often beyond our resources.

*Once treatment is administered, many require additional medical attention or intense socialization and behavior modification.

*The community-funded Yelp for Help program offsets the SPCA’s cost of caring for, and eventually making possible successful adoptions of, these special animals.

*Can you give these animals in need the chances they deserve? Save lives today. Together, we can help the animals who need us most! Become a Yelp For Help donor ! You can even become a YELP HELPER, giving on a monthly basis! To give by phone, call Nancy at the SPCA: 716-629-3523!


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POPCORN makes EVERYTHING in life a little better, right? Well, OUR Popcorn is no exception!

This 2-year-old boy loves hide and seek, loves his little, yellow teddy bear (that goes home with him, along with his favorite feather toy), and will love living in a grown-up household getting belly rubs over and over and over again! 

Visit him at the SPCA's 205 Ensminger Rd., Tonawanda shelter! For more information, call SPCA Adoptions: 716-629-3531! 

FREE ADOPTIONS FOR PAST AND PRESENT MILITARY PERSONNEL! Vets and Pets is happening through November 12! Details here!

See his video HERE!

Four-year-old American Staffordshire Terrier CAPONE is ready for the big house....YOURS!!!!!!

Meet our active man who loves other dogs at our 205 Ensminger Rd., Tonawanda shelter!

Tune in to Kevin O'Neill's 2 The Rescue segment this Friday, 11:00 am, WGRZ-TV Ch. 2!

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*Did you miss a segment? Visit our WECK WILDLIFE WEDNESDAYS audio archive page! Now you'll NEVER have to miss a segment!

*Wildlife questions? Call the SPCA Wildlife Services Department at 716-629-3528!

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*Tune in to Ch. 4's noon newscast each Monday to see if there's a cutie kitty or canine YOU can bring home!

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Tune in to WGR 550 AM Radio every Monday morning during the Howard Simon Show 6 am - 10 am to hear Howard and Jeremy White tell you which little fan has the biggest heart of all! Dogs, cats, pups, kittens, bunnies, birds...who will win the title this week? Find out first-hand here!

Thanks to WGR, DeLacy Ford, and TLC Pet Food for scoring a touchdown with this all-new #FurryFan feature!



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*Every Thursday, Time Warner customers can tune into Buffalo's Time Warner Cable News and check out the SPCA's animals available at one of several offsite adoption locations!

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