Wednesdays * 8:10 am * Star 102.5 FM

are bonded 2-year-old brothers who have never known life apart! For this reason, we're looking for someone to adopt them both and keep them together - it would be impossible to separate these two sweethearts!

*These boys are Yellow Labrador Retriever/Alaskan Malamute mixes who do everything together! Major tends to follow Monarch in everything he does, which is so much fun to watch. They tire each other out playing, curl up together...they're content just facing life together.

*These boys came from a Buffalo home and are a little wary of strangers...but give them time to warm up and trust, and you'll see the gems they are.

*Double the love, double the fun, double the excitement....that's what you'll get when you adopt Monarch and Major.

*Visit the boys at the SPCA's Tonawanda shelter! Questions? Call SPCA Adoptions: 716-629-3531!

*The dream: to have a loving dog at your side, facing the world with you, tail wagging, heart full of love and affection and devotion for YOU. Waiting for you at the door, curling up with you at night, and the dog's definition of a perfect day is day merely spent in your presence, wherever you are. If this is YOUR dream, then ROMAN is the dog for you.

*This boy was found in Cheektowaga, and if you think you can see his gentle soul through his eyes in this photograph, you should meet him in person. If Roman was a person, we'd call him "kind-hearted." A quiet nature, a content demeanor...there is no question that someone's life will be enriched immeasurably when he or she brings Roman into his or her world.

*Roman is just four, seems calm and passive and happy around other dogs (Meet and Greets are still recommended if there is a dog at home), and will remind you why a dog truly is man's best friend. This dog is the walking, living, breathing example of that adage.

*Visit Roman at the SPCA's Tonawanda shelter! For more information, call SPCA Adoptions, 716-629-3531!



Fridays * 8:52 am * Newsradio 930 WBEN

*COOPER! This Miniature Poodle/Cocker Spaniel mix is just 7 years old and only 18 pounds, but is BIG on love!

*Staff and volunteers who have worked with this sweet boy say he loves going for short, leisurely walks, absolutely enjoys his treats, and adores being petted and petted and petted and petted...he is definitely a companion dog!

*Cooper's other favorite things in life: big, fluffy beds, lounging in the sun, and afternoon naps. He'd be a perfect companion in an adult household where things are a little quieter! He'll definitely liven it up!

*Visit Cooper at the SPCA's Tonawanda shelter! He'll be available 10 am Saturday, April 19 (the SPCA is closed Friday, April 18)! Call Gina for more information: 716-629-3505!


SPCA STAFF PICK Adoption Price: $67.50!

*ROSLIN is an adorable Doberman Pinscher mix with this to say:

Hi there! I'm Roslin! I'm a cute, 1-year-old puppy!! And guess what? I am a male! Yes you read that right – I’m a guy! I’m named after Roslin, a castle in England!

*While I’m waiting to find my forever family, I am running and playing with dogs at Camp Bow Wow Doggy Day Care, 231 Grand Island Blvd. in Tonawanda! That’s right, I get to stay with them ‘til I find my home! This is a PERFECT set-up for me because I’m a happy, high-energy pup and I love playing with other like-minded dogs! I have already made new doggie friends.

*You can go here to see me playing on Camp Bow Wow's Real Time Dog Cam

*Don't have time to watch me on the cam? See my short video here!

*If you are interested in meeting me, please call 629-3537 to speak with someone from the SPCA's Behavior Department to set up a meeting. I can't wait to meet you!"



Thursdays * 5 - 7 am * Good Morning, WNY

OUR YELP FOR HELP PATIENT:  CAPTAIN BARNABY! Cap't. Barnaby, 9  months old, is ALREADY UP FOR ADOPTION because he's healing so well! Go, Captain!
  With a left front leg that he couldn't even stand on. Poor guy had a huge abscess on his leg that precluded him from moving too much.
We needed to get in at that abscess and clean it out, then go to work making sure no infection set in. Sugar bandages were used, and Captain Barnaby was placed on meds and antibiotics. Then he had to be stitched just right....bringing the wound close enough to heal, but not too close as to seal in anything unwanted! Clearly, Captain Barnaby responded extremely well, because he was placed on the adoption floor at the SPCA's Tonawanda shelter April 16! THANKS, YELP FOR HELP DONORS!!
HOW YOU CAN HELP ANIMALS WITH EMERGENCY VETERINARY NEEDS:  Become a Yelp For Help donor ! You can even become a YELP HELPER, giving on a monthly basis! To give by phone, call Nancy at the SPCA: 716-629-3523!


Fridays * 5:15 am & 11:15 am * WGRZ-TV Ch. 2


*Looking for a dog to fit seamlessly into your family? Then you're looking for our HARLEY!

*This 12-year-old does great with other dogs, and when it comes to walking on a leash, he's polite, gentle, and content just to be with a human friend!

*Harley deserves lots of love, lots of hugs, some spring walks, and an adoring family of his own. Visit this handsome fella' at the SPCA's Tonawanda shelter and you'll know in an instant...he deserves YOU!

WECK Wildlife Wednesdays

Wednesdays * 8:20 am * WECK 1230 AM/102.9 FM

*Listen to SPCA Wildlife Services Department representatives discuss various topics of interest every week during WECK's WILDLIFE WEDNESDAY segment! You'll hear everything from practical how to keep ducks off pool covers and what to do when your dog finds a nest of baby what's happening with wildlife being treated at the SPCA!

*Tune in to Wildlife Wednesdays each week around 8:20 am on TIMELESS WECK-AM 1230 and FM 102.9!

*Wildlife questions? Call the SPCA Wildlife Services Department at 716-629-3528!

WIVB Pet of the Week

Mondays * 12:15 pm * WIVB-TV Ch. 4

*Every Monday, SPCA Executive Director Barbara Carr or another SPCA representative brings a loveable dog, cat, or other animal right to the WIVB-TV Ch. 4 studio!

*Tune in to Ch. 4's noon newscast each Monday to see if there's a cutie kitty or canine YOU can bring home!



Thursdays *  6 am - 8 pm * YNN on Time Warner Cable

*Every Thursday, Time Warner customers can tune into Buffalo's YNN and check out the SPCA's animals available at one of several offsite adoption locations!

*Each hour on Thursdays, 6 am - 8 pm, YNN will feature the SPCA segment! To see which special animal is featured this week, visit and search SPCA!