Our Airwaves Animals Will Be Hibernating March 30 - April 6!

Be sure to check back after April 6 current photos and descriptions of animals who have become local TV & radio stars! In the meantime, take a look at some of our previous four-footed media celebrities! Visit our Tonawanda shelter animal photo pages to see if any of them are still available!


Animals on the Airwaves

WIVB-TV Ch. 4 (Mondays, 12:15 pm)

Star 102.5 FM (Wednesdays, 8:10 am)

WBEN 930 AM (Fridays, 8:52 am)

2 The Rescue, WGRZ-TV Ch. 2 (Fridays, 5:15 am & 11:15 am)

Wildlife Wednesdays, WECK 1230 AM (Wednesdays, 8:20 am)

Yelp for Help with Mike Randall, WKBW-TV Ch. 7 (Thursdays during AM Buffalo at 10 am)

Time Warner Cable News SPCA OFFSITES (Thursdays, 6:00 am - 8:00 pm, Buffalo Time Warner Cable News)


Wednesdays * 8:10 am * Star 102.5 FM

Yep, she IS this cute in real life! This is NEVADA, and she and her toy are ready to go home with you!

Nevada came to us as a stray March 5, and it only took a couple days of her stray time for staff to recognize what a spectacular dog she is. In fact, this 1-year-old puppy was tagged early on to be part of the SPCA's TLC (Teaching Love and Compassion) Humane Education program for 11 - 13-year-old inner-city students! 

Watching how this pup responds to the kids working with her is SO exciting!! This girl is craving attention, and when she is receiving all of that plus lots of love and hugs from the kids, she's in her glory and Nevada shows off all the tricks she's learned!! She's all set for TLC graduation on Friday!!!

Meet Nevada at the SPCA's Tonawanda shelter! For more information, call SPCA Adoptions at 716-629-3531!

Have you always wanted to be a foster volunteer, but wildlife is more your thing?? Come to the SPCA's Baby Squirrel Foster Care Info Session this Thursday! Details available at http://www.yourspca.org/eventcalendar?cid=1&ceid=659&cerid=0&cdt=3%2f26%2f2015!

Still Available:

NYLA is a  gorgeous, 6-year-old Labrador Retriever mix...58 pounds of fun, that's our little honeybun!

This is a very affectionate girl - walks so well on a leash, is very people-friendly - and she's a social one as well!

Nyla is another little lady who didn't adapt too well to shelter life at first. She came to us way back on February 24, and we gave her a chance to settle in, performing behavior modification with her,  providing enrichment, helping her to adjust. We didn't know if she'd eventually go into our New Leash On Life volunteer foster program...but by March 2, Nyla seemed to have rounded a corner and became the happy, wiggly dog we sensed she was!

Visit our lovely Lab at the SPCA's Tonawanda shelter! For more information, call SPCA Adoptions: 716-629-3531!

We know 2015 is going to be another busy foster season! That's why we've already started seeking foster care volunteers! Always wondered what fostering is all about? Want to help save animals' lives? ATTEND OUR FOSTER CARE INFO SESSION Saturday, March 21! Details here!



Fridays * 8:52 am * Newsradio 930 WBEN

A French Flair in photos, and a British Flair in videos: meet NEMO!

BONJOUR from NEMO, our cosmopolitan year-and-a-half old garçon!

Thirty-seven pound Nemo came to us from a Buffalo home where, somewhere along the way, he was taught to love and adore kids. How do we know? One peek at Nemo working with our TLC (Teaching Love and Compassion) Humane Education program students (11 - 13-year-old inner city children) and it's incredibly obvious - he finds tremendous joy in responding to them!

Nemo is still a puppy, so he's been learning a great deal from his TLC team! In fact, graduation is Friday, March 27, and Nemo will be performing much of what he's learned on stage during the big ceremony!

Check out Nemo's adorable video here!

If you're looking to add flair and color to your home, these pictures say it all - Nemo's your boy! Visit him at the SPCA's Tonawanda shelter! Call SPCA Adoptions, 716-629-3531, for more information!

Looking to satisfy other "worldly" tastes this weekend? Attend the first annual CHILI/CHOWDER/SOUP COOK-OFF Sunday at Exit 2 Bar & Grille, to benefit the SPCA Serving Erie County! Details here!



Thursdays * 10 am * AM Buffalo

*Each week, Mike Randall features an SPCA animal NOT up for adoption....yet. At the time of filming, the animal featured by Mike is a YELP FOR HELP patient, receiving some kind of costly veterinary care at the SPCA prior to adoption.

*What is Yelp for Help? Well...not every animal comes to the SPCA Serving Erie County healthy and adoptable. Countless animals suffer from life-threatening illnesses and injuries, usually the result of being abused or neglected. They require immediate...and expensive...veterinary care that is often beyond our resources.

*Once treatment is administered, many require additional medical attention or intense socialization and behavior modification.

*The community-funded Yelp for Help program offsets the SPCA’s cost of caring for, and eventually making possible successful adoptions of, these special animals.

*Tune in to AM BUFFALO on Ch. 7 at 10 am every Thursday  to see a current Yelp for Help patient! Missed a week? Check out past segments here:
  - October 16: Eight-month-old Granite, the kitten!
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  - March 5: Ninja's lovin' life now!
  - March 19: Elliott's kitty physical therapy!

*Can you give these animals in need the chances they deserve? Save lives today. Together, we can help the animals who need us most! Become a Yelp For Help donor ! You can even become a YELP HELPER, giving on a monthly basis! To give by phone, call Nancy at the SPCA: 716-629-3523!



Fridays * 5:15 am & 11:15 am * WGRZ-TV Ch. 2


I'm CHESTER, a smart, affectionate, and terribly good-looking Cymric-mix feline!!

At 9 years old, I've seen it all, and have decisively made my choices on favorite toys, favorite blankets, favorite foods....and favorite ways to show you I want to keep being pet and pet and pet and pet and pet!!!! 

The AdvoCATS kitty enrichment team here at the SPCA have so many great things to say about me! They especially like my head butts, loud purring, interest in feather and mesh wands, and my unique ability to cuddle endlessly alongside people I know. I'm a little embarrassed to say I fall in love quickly, but the more I think about it, wouldn't you rather have a guy who is emotionally available????

Visit me at the SPCA's Tonawanda shelter! Call 716-629-3531 for more information!

If you're interested in learning more on how to become an SPCA foster volunteer and save animals' lives in 2015, join our FOSTER CARE INFORMATION SESSION Saturday, March 21! Details here!

WECK Wildlife Wednesdays

Wednesdays * 8:20 am * WECK 1230 AM/102.9 FM

*Listen to SPCA Wildlife Services Department representative Mary Jo Sicurella...or another knowledgeable rehabber...discuss various topics of interest every week during WECK's WILDLIFE WEDNESDAY segment! You'll hear everything from practical tips...like how to keep ducks off pool covers and what to do when your dog finds a nest of baby bunnies...to what's happening with wildlife being treated at the SPCA!

*Tune in to Wildlife Wednesdays each week around 8:20 am on TIMELESS WECK-AM 1230 and FM 102.9!

*Did you miss a segment? Visit our WECK WILDLIFE WEDNESDAYS audio archive page! Now you'll NEVER have to miss a segment!

*Wildlife questions? Call the SPCA Wildlife Services Department at 716-629-3528!

WIVB Pet of the Week

Mondays * 12:15 pm * WIVB-TV Ch. 4

*Every Monday, SPCA Executive Director Barbara Carr or another SPCA representative brings a loveable dog, cat, or other animal right to the WIVB-TV Ch. 4 studio!

*Tune in to Ch. 4's noon newscast each Monday to see if there's a cutie kitty or canine YOU can bring home!



Thursdays *  6 am - 8 pm * Time Warner Cable News

*Every Thursday, Time Warner customers can tune into Buffalo's Time Warner Cable News and check out the SPCA's animals available at one of several offsite adoption locations!

*Each hour on Thursdays, 6 am - 8 pm, TWC will feature the SPCA segment! To see which special animal is featured this week, visit http://buffalo.twcnews.com/ and search SPCA!