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Hi! My name is CHEWY the American English Coonhound, and I'm 2 years old!

When you first meet me in my kennel, I may hang back a little, feeling bashful.  I wonder -- are you the person for me?  Could it possibly be?

I'll approach you so gently and with such great hope -- I would so love to get to know you, and I hope you'll be my friend! 

I dearly long for a person who'll share my appreciation for quiet attention and gentle affection. I am soft, sensitive, and eager to learn and to please.  Kind words, a cuddle, and cheerful encouragement mean all the world to me -- and I would love to mean the world to you, too. Might we make a match and be each other's new best friends? Let's find out today!

Visit me at the SPCA's Tonawanda shelter! They'll still be in Tonawanda a couple months before the big move to West Seneca!

By the way, I'm a CELEBRITY! My media moment: Wednesday, February 15, 8:10 am on Star 102.5 with Rob Lucas!


"How much can a 1-year-old cat have possibly experienced in life?" you may be wondering. Turns out, quite a least in Derby's case!

This almost-kitten was found as a stray in December, limping in a Derby neighborhood. He was brought here to the SPCA, we gave Derby a little medical attention for his sore leg, and all seemed well with the world. Derby was put up on the Adoptions floor.

It only took three days for Derby to start exhibiting signs of intestinal issues. Vomiting, bloody diarrhea...the poor guy couldn't hold it together. Back into the infirmary he went. After further examinations and Xrays, our veterinarian determined Derby was suffering from intussusception, a condition that is almost a folding of the intestines. What causes intussusception? There are many possibilities. Blockages, ingestion of foreign objects, parasites, bowel contractions, etc.

The trick now was to get Derby through this condition. Thanks to our YELP FOR HELP donors, we were able to do just that. Surgery, treatment, pain meds, and more have led to Derby's full recovery!!

The best part of this story? Derby's loving personality hasn't changed a single bit! He's a loving, affectionate, cuddly boy!

YOU can help save animals with emergency needs by becoming a Yelp for Help donor! Learn more here!

See Derby's TV premiere here! To learn more about him, visit him at the SPCA's Tonawanda shelter or c
all SPCA Adoptions, 716-629-3531, for details!

HEY! Did you hear we're starting a SUMMER CAMP??? This summer, at our new West Seneca location - kids 4 - 14 currently in kindergarten through ninth grade can participate! All the information is at!

2017 marks the SPCA's 150th year as the second-oldest humane society in the country, and we're celebrating big! Join us at our 150th Anniversary Gala happening January 28 at the Hotel @ The Lafayette! All the information is here!



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Silvana is looking for someone who will stay with her and keep her safe. Born in 2014, Silvana is a beautiful soft coated wheaten terrier with one thing on her agenda: to finally have a family and home of her own because she’s never had that. Silvana is a recent breeder release and she’s trying to find her footing in the real world.

Silvana is a little reserved when it comes to people. Because of her past, she's a bit cautious and awkward around strangers. She really wants to be sweet and affectionate and once you win her over (hint: treats work well!), she'll take them right out of your hand! 

Silvana will need a person or family who can boost her confidence and show her that people only mean the best thing in life — love. It seems that Silvana just needs a little assurance that someone will love her and want to keep her forever and she would be so grateful for a person of her very own! Could you be the one this brown-eyed girl has been waiting to meet? Come meet her at the SPCA today after 11 a.m.!

Learn more about sweet Silvana by calling SPCA Adoptions, 716-629-3531, or visit her at the SPCA's Tonawanda shelter!


Mike Randall on WKBW-TV

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*Each Thursday during AM Buffalo (Ch. 7, 10:00 am), Mike Randall features an SPCA animal NOT up for adoption....yet. At the time of filming, the animal featured by Mike is a YELP FOR HELP patient, receiving some kind of costly veterinary care at the SPCA prior to adoption. Missed a week? Look for the most current Yelp for Help segment on AM Buffalo's website page here!

See previous years' segments here!

*What is Yelp for Help? Well...not every animal comes to the SPCA Serving Erie County healthy and adoptable. Countless animals suffer from life-threatening illnesses and injuries, usually the result of being abused or neglected. They require immediate...and expensive...veterinary care that is often beyond our resources.

*Once treatment is administered, many require additional medical attention or intense socialization and behavior modification.

*The community-funded Yelp for Help program offsets the SPCA’s cost of caring for, and eventually making possible successful adoptions of, these special animals.

*Can you give these animals in need the chances they deserve? Save lives today. Together, we can help the animals who need us most! Become a Yelp For Help donor ! You can even become a YELP HELPER, giving on a monthly basis! To give by phone, call Nancy at the SPCA: 716-629-3523!


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Two-year-old Rosemary knows what it will take this Valentine's Day for you to find the love you've been looking for your entire life. It'll take one trip to the SPCA. Just one. Then it'll take ten minutes with Rosemary. Maybe less. That's it - the recipe for love. Make the recipe right, and your life will never be the same!

Rosemary is silly and full of sass, ready to play with any toy that finds its way to her, ready to play with her humans, ready to cuddle with her friends...this girl is perky as a kitten, petite, pretty as a picture, and waiting to be your funny Valentine!

Visit Rosemary at the SPCA's 205 Ensminger Rd., Tonawanda shelter, where we'll be a couple more months before our big move to West Seneca! For more information on our little lady, call the veterinary technicians at the SPCA, 716-629-3534, and tell our wonderful team you'd like to learn more about Rosemary. You'll be smiling and laughing the days away when this ray of sunshine fills your heart!

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*Listen to SPCA Wildlife Services Department representative Barbie Haney discuss various topics of interest every week during WECK's WILDLIFE WEDNESDAY segment! You'll hear everything from practical how to keep ducks off pool covers and what to do when your dog finds a nest of baby what's happening with wildlife being treated at the SPCA!

*Tune in to Wildlife Wednesdays each week around 8:20 am on TIMELESS WECK-AM 1230 and FM 102.9!

*Did you miss a segment? Visit our WECK WILDLIFE WEDNESDAYS audio archive page! Now you'll NEVER have to miss a segment!

*Wildlife questions? Call the SPCA Wildlife Services Department at 716-629-3528!

WIVB Pet of the Week

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*Every Monday, SPCA Executive Director Gary Willoughby or another SPCA representative brings a loveable dog, cat, or other animal right to the WIVB-TV Ch. 4 studio!

*Tune in to Ch. 4's noon newscast each Monday to see if there's a cutie kitty or canine YOU can bring home!

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FURRY FAN of the Week!
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Every Monday, WGR 550 Sports Radio brings you a new SPCA FURRY FAN OF THE WEEK!

Tune in to WGR 550 AM Radio every Monday morning during the Howard Simon Show 6 am - 10 am to hear Howard and Jeremy White tell you which little fan has the biggest heart of all! Dogs, cats, pups, kittens, bunnies, birds...who will win the title this week? Find out first-hand here!

Thanks to WGR, DeLacy Ford, and TLC Pet Food for scoring a touchdown with this all-new #FurryFan feature!



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*Every Thursday, Time Warner customers can tune into Buffalo's Time Warner Cable News and check out the SPCA's animals available at one of several offsite adoption locations!

*Each hour on Thursdays, 6 am - 8 pm, TWC will feature the SPCA segment! To see which special animal is featured this week, visit and search SPCA!