February 23, 2012

By: Gina Browning, SPCA Director of Public Relations


UPDATE, MARCH 7: Charges have been dropped against Ronald Geska. According to the SPCA's Aaron Kandefer, "Mr. Geska has cooperated with our organization every step of the way since the investigation. He's cleaned his property. He allows us in when we arrive to inspect. He's signed over most of the animals, and has agreed to continue working with us before things get out of control again. There is no reason to move forward with cruelty charges at this time." Geska has three of the Pomeranians back in his home; one is rumored to belong to a neighbor (in an April 12, 2012 phone call, Geska said none of the dogs at his property belonged to a neighbor, and all were owned by him).

UPDATE, FEBRUARY 29: Ronald Geska has signed over to the SPCA 27 of the 30 Pomeranians rescued from his property last week. The SPCA has a growing list of community members who have expressed interest in adoption. That list currently includes more than 250 names. The dogs, however, will not be up for general adoption on a first-come, first served basis; many of them have "puppy mill dog psyches" and special needs, so SPCA adoption representatives will work through the list, placing the dogs with people who can address those special needs and who will work with the dogs. Geska is still scheduled to appear in Buffalo City Court next Thursday.

Dr. Moran (r) and Vet Tech Breanna work with one of the Fillmore Ave., Buffalo Pomeranians 2/23/12SPCA Serving Erie County Animal Cruelty Investigator Aaron Kandefer has charged Ronald Geska, 61, of Buffalo with animal cruelty after 30 dogs were rescued from his Fillmore Avenue property this afternoon.

The Pomeranian dogs arrived at the SPCA Serving Erie County infirmary at approximately 3:00 pm and, at the time of this writing, are being examined by members of the SPCA Veterinary Department.

SPCA officials received the tip from the City of Buffalo Animal Shelter; representatives there were initially contacted about the conditions of the property and the dogs but, according to Kandefer, were unable to secure a search warrant, which is when the SPCA was contacted.

"The property inside was squalid," says Kandefer. "Animal feces covered SPCA staff/volunteers work in the infirmary with  Fillmore Ave., Buffalo Pomeranians 2/23/12.just about every floor, and it was impossible to breathe inside."

Geska faces 30 charges of cruelty, one for each dog rescued, and is scheduled to appear in Buffalo City Court Thursday, March 8. None of the dogs were signed over to the SPCA.

Additional details will be provided as they become available.