Adopt a cat from the SPCA Serving Erie County's site at Eastern Hills Mall!
The SPCA's Eastern Hills Mall Adoption Site


4545 Transit Rd.

Williamsville, NY 14221

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Mall Adoption Questions

Where are you located in the mall? What are your hours?
Are your cats housed in cages? Why can't they roam free? 
Can I bring the kids to play with the cats?
What kind of animals do you have up for adoption at the mall?
I'm from CANADA...can I adopt and bring a pet over the border?
Can I surrender an animal/donate items to the SPCA mall location?
I'd like to sponsor one of the mall housing units...what do I do?
I'd like to volunteer at the mall do I learn more?
Other adoption questions, such as fees, payment options, and waiting lists can be found on our ADOPTION FAQs PAGE


Where are you located in the mall? What are your hours?

The SPCA's adoption site at the mall is at the back of the mall, directly across from Dipson Theatres and the DMV. Just go to the back and park near the cinema entrance. Current mall adoption site hours are  Monday through Friday, 12:00 pm - 8:00 pm; Saturday, 11:00 am - 7:00 pm; and Sunday, 12:00 pm - 5:00 pm.  Holiday hours vary.

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How are your cats housed? Are they in cages?

Cats are housed in two ways at this site: in spacious cat condos with multi-level cat perches and a 360  open-air design, and in our Catvana room, a free-roaming playroom with state-of-the-art climb trees (built with a cat's fancy and comfort in mind!). These trees were purchased in 2014 through a generous grant provided by the East Hill Foundation!  

A get-acquainted area is also available to anyone interested in spending time with a pet prior to adoption!

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Can I bring my children to play with the cats?

We would be thrilled to show you a cat you are seriously interested in adopting. Cats are only removed from cages for new adopters, however...this prevents the cats from being overly-handled and from becoming stressed, which could also lead to illness.

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What kind of animals do you have up for adoption at the mall?

Cats are primarily available at this location! We also offer a variety of other small animals, which may include rabbits, guinea pigs, mice, rats, birds, hamsters, even turtles! See animals available at this and other offsite locations here!

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I'm from Canada. Can I adopt and bring a pet over the border?

Absolutely! We will provide you with the necessary paperwork to travel across the border with your newly-adopted kitty or other pet.

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Can I surrender an animal to the SPCA mall location? Can I donate items to the location?

No, we cannot accept animals at our mall location. If you need to surrender an animal, please visit our Tonawanda shelter. We can accept the donation of small items on our WISH LIST. Please refrain from donating labels, wrappers, cans, compost, or recyclable beverage or other containers; the SPCA Serving Erie County does not participate in these refund programs.

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I'd like to sponsor the mall site in some way! How do I proceed?

To sponsor the Eastern Hills Mall site, contact our friendly Development Director, Jennifer Gurz, at 716-629-3517.

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I'd like to join the volunteer team at the mall site! How can I get involved?

We really need volunteers at this location! To volunteer at the SPCA's mall adoption site, contact adoption site manager Matt at 716-635-4738 or, or stop in at the site during business hours to pick up an application! Remember, we can also use youth volunteers ages 14 through 18 (space is limited for youth volunteers)!

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Do you carry anything in addition to animals at the mall site?

Yes, we do! In addition to our friendly, knowledgeable staff available to answer questions and assist you through the adoption process, we have a small Petique with cat products (toys, beds, collars, etc.).

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