November 30, 2012
By: Gina Browning, SPCA Director of Public Relations

PUP'S CONDITION EXTREMELY GUARDED; donate towardS her care here


UPDATE 1/14/13: IT'S A BIG DAY FOR METRO! Back in December, Metro went from her first foster mom's, Ronnie's (pictured below), home to live with her new foster mom, Norine Hoch, EMT Intermediate for Rural/Metro Medical Services! If Norine's name sounds familiar, you may remember it from the story below; Norine was one of the ambulance drivers responsible for rescuing Metro! Today, Norine will be adopting Metro and making Metro her own!!! Also, according to Brian Lawson, Rural/Metro's director of public affairs, the Medical Services company will be making a $750 donation to the SPCA's YELP FOR HELP Fund, the fund that paid for Metro's emergency veterinary care, in honor of Metro!  See Metro's adoption photo album, and watch videos on WGRZ-TV, WIVB-TV, and YNN-TV (for Time Warner customers).  Also, check out the photo and article in The Buffalo News!


Metro opens her gift from Patrick's Pantry!




UPDATE 12/7/12: Metro is quite the lucky girl! Yesterday she received a package from Patrick’s Pantry which is an organization that collects pet food and other items for shelters, rescue organizations, and individuals in Chicago’s northern suburbs. What did they send our gal? A soft and warm fleece blanket! As you can see, she loved it immediately! On behalf of Metro, we say thank you! The generosity that has been shown to this little girl is truly over-whelming!





Aaron and Metro

UPDATE 12/6/12
:  As you can tell by the picture, Metro seems to have had no problem making herself right at home with her foster care parents Ronnie and Aaron! (And it seems like she’s snuggled her way into Aaron’s heart already!) Our intrepid little pup ate well last night and this morning, enjoyed exploring their yard and home, and Ronnie is starting to teach her the (much-valued and appreciated) art of housetraining!






 Ronnie and Metro

UPDATE 12/5/12:
Metro our little hero is going to her foster home tonight! Looking quite debonair in her pretty pink polka dotted coat, Metro went home with SPCA foster care volunteer Ronnie and her family! She weighs 10.3 pounds and her tail never stops wagging! Before Ronnie took her home, Metro was walking around the SPCA administrative offices and stopping occasionally to get a cuddle and a kiss from employees. Thank you to everyone who has kept up with her story on Facebook, sent messages of hope, and prayed for this little girl! She can thank ALL OF YOU for everything!





UPDATE 12/4/12: METRO'S OFF HER FLUIDS! She's still on her meds, but Metro's been able to support herself while off of fluids, which is a significant step in her positive progress. Her temperature has finally moved up to the normal range, and we're gradually stopping her meds, slowly watching her little body take over. Her bloodwork has been coming back with satisfactory results, and as you can see in this photo, she's thrilled whenever she gets a chance to stand and walk around a bit with her human friends. Even after all this pit bull has gone through, her puppy tail is wagging fast and furious, without a growl, no sign of aggression....even when she was strong enough to know how vulnerable she was, all she wanted to do was love us. Metro may be going into her foster home tomorrow depending on how she continues to do off fluids and decreased meds. It has also has been brought to the attention of the SPCA that PETA is now offering a $5000 reward for information leading to an arrest in this investigation. Details can be found here.



UPDATE 12/3/12: TEN POUNDS...ALMOST ELEVEN...AND GAINING! Not everyone looks this good in pink argyle...but we think METRO looks BEAUTIFUL!! She's up to 10.8 pounds, and we know you'll be as thrilled as we are to see this line taken directly from her medical report: "LAST NIGHT: NORMAL PUPPY BEHAVIOR!!!!!!" At 8:43 this morning, her temperature registered at 99.7 - not bad for a dog whose temperature didn't even register when she arrived last week. Additional updates to follow.


UPDATE 12/1/12:
SHE'S WALKING!! SPCA staff is very excited this morning...not only is Metro standing on her own today, she's actually able to take a few steps!! She's also eating extremely well...not hard to figure out why. She's on a special diet with food and eating schedules designed specifically for starvation cases. Metro is still not out of the woods, but this has been a promising morning. On board for Metro today: more bloodwork, tests, she'll be weighed, and of course, plenty of TLC will be on the agenda.


Officers of the SPCA Serving Erie County are currently investigating circumstances leading up to the appearance of an emaciated, female pit bull puppy outside Anderson Inner City Animal Hospital in Buffalo Wednesday, November 28.

The shivering puppy, who was wearing a harness, was spotted by drivers of a Rural/Metro Medical Services ambulance. Ambulance drivers approached the animal hospital and told by a representative the dog was there. They were informed that the SPCA Serving Erie County had already been contacted and a rescue driver was on her way (the SPCA was, in fact, contacted, and had dispatched a rescue driver who was told an emaciated cat was found near the clinic; the clinic representative who spoke with ambulance drivers was a maintenance employee not authorized to handle animals).

According to Brian Lawson, director of public affairs for Rural/Metro Medical Services, "This was a real team effort. Norine Hoch, EMT Intermediate, and Breanna Horwood, EMT Basic, wrapped the puppy in blankets and hot packs to keep her warm. Since we can’t transport animals in an ambulance and the crew needed to be available to take emergency calls, one of our supervisors, Mike Arquette, took the puppy to the SPCA in his paramedic fly car, one of the marked SUVs.”

Currently, the puppy, dubbed Metro, is in guarded condition. According to SPCA head veterinarian Dr. Helene Chevalier, "This morning, the puppy's temperature is within normal limits. She is brighter, can stand, and is eating well on her controlled diet. We will continue to monitor through bloodwork the functioning of her internal organs. She continues to be supported medically through heating pads, IV fluids, vitamin supplements, and a diet particularly for starvation cases. She is severely emaciated, scoring only a 1 out of 9 body score. Over the weekend, we will attempt to remove support systems to find if she is able to thermal regulate and remain hydrated on her own. We are hopeful."

SPCA animal cruelty investigation officers are currently investigating the circumstances leading up to Metro's emaciated state. Anyone with information on Metro is encouraged to contact SPCA Director of Animal Cruelty Investigations Jeff Eyre, 716-629-3525. The SPCA does accept and respond to anonymous tips. 

Keep watching YourSPCA.org for updates on Metro's condition.




Those who witness a situation that might constitute
cruelty and/or violence toward animals in Erie County,
including animals left outdoors with inappropriate
shelter in yards, are encouraged to report the
circumstances to the SPCA Serving Erie County:
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