Our Wish List

Aside from monetary donations, community members support our shelter by donating supplies that we use on a regular basis.  If you would like to donate any of the items on this list, simply drop them off at our Ensminger Road location, or call (716) 629-3523 for more information.  Please call the shelter before dropping off large quantities of an item.  Thank you!

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Always Needed Items

  • Cat Food
    • Fancy Feast Appetizers
    • Purely Fancy Feast Natural White Meat Chicken Entree in a Delicate Broth (used for critical care cats and dogs)
    • Friskies canned cat food (any flavor with gravy and sauce preferred) 
  • Pooper-Scoopers....long-handled, please!
  • Paper towels
  • Washcloths
  • Newspaper
  • Light blankets (no comforters, electric blankets, knitted or crocheted pieces, sheets, or rugs, please)
  • Hand and bath towels
  • Pillowcases
  • Small fleece cat beds
  • Dog biscuits (small or medium size)
  • Plastic pet carriers (medium size)
  • Stuffed animals (6" or larger)
  • Baby receiving blankets
  • Feliway Spray
  • Dog collars of any size

Animal Care Wish List

  • Gift cards to Home Depot in any amount!
  • Decorative items (plants, castles, etc.) for fish tanks

Volunteer Department Wish List

  • Colored and photo paper
  • Fleece
  • Markers
  • Colored pencils
  • Crayons
  • Rubber stamps & ink pads
  • Stickers
  • Pens (blue or black ink)
  • $5 & $10 gift cards to be used for volunteer appreciation gifts

Cruelty Investigations Department Wish List

  • Assorted rechargeable batteries for flashlights

Educational Farm Wish List

  • 4' X 6' Rubber stall mats
  • Plain (4 lb.) salt bricks
  • Bagged shavings (fine)
  • Loads of grass hay &/or straw
  • Reams of colored copy paper or card stock

Animal Rescue Department Wish List

  • Three hard hats with lamp
  • "Snake" cam
  • Mountable double lock safe
  • Rubbermaid equipment holders
  • Crowbars

Maintenance Wish List

  • Gift cards to Home Depot

Information Technology List

  • Optical Mice
  • SD type memory cards
  • Flat panel monitors over 17"
  • USB drives 4 GB or larger

Veterinary Wish List

  • Cat toys for recovering cats
  • Blue and black pens
  • Yellow and pink highlighters
  • Red and black fine point Sharpies
  • Sticky note pads
  • Expo thin dry erase markers
  • 1 1/2 inch binders
  • Avery Removable Color coding round labels 3/4" blue, green, yellow, orange, white and black
  • Pressure IV bag holder
  • Advantage flea products
  • Frontline flea products
  • Flea room bombs

Cat Enrichment Wish List

  • Laser pointers
  • Washable interactive cat toys (wands, feathers)
  • Yards or scraps of fleece material (at least 2" x 4", cut or uncut)
  • StretchAndScratch.com - You can help the cats at the SPCA by purchasing scratching posts to go on their cage and then it can be given to their new owners to go home with the cats! You can have your order directly shipped to our shelter in care of the Cat Enrichment team and we will make sure the cats have them!
  • Feliway Spray
  • Puzzle toys
  • Plastic spring toys
  • Stage feeders
  • Plastic rings from milk containers

Humane Education Department Wish List

  • New training/treat bags
  • Batteries (assorted sizes)
  • Small, shoebox-size plastic totes
  • 2-drawer filing cabinet with locks
  • Teacher resource books
  • Laminating machine
  • Good condition pre-school story books
  • Large Post-It pads (used for presentations)
  • Large butcher roll paper in any color
  • Colored Sharpies
  • Construction paper
  • Contact paper
  • Large storage containers
  • Plastic file totes/organizers
  • Certificate holders
  • Puffy Paint
  • Colored bandanas
  • Top-loading name badges
  • Animal puppets
  • Animal stickers
  • Google eyes
  • Puff balls
  • White card stock
  • JoAnn Fabric gift cards
  • Party City gift cards
  • Wegman's gift cards
  • BJ's gift cards
  • New notebooks
  • Magic modeling clay
  • Glue sticks
  • Kid-friendly scissors
  • Ziploc baggies
  • Clickers for dog training
  • 32g memory card
  • Fabric markers
  • Camera bag

Wildlife Department Wish List

  • Kevlar Gloves 
  • Half Log Hides - all sizes
  • Empty Spray Bottles
  • Hand Sweepers & Dustpans
  • Digital Kitchen Timers
  • Natural Colored Feather Dusters
  • Mug Warmers
  • Thermometers
  • Heating Pad without an automatic shutoff
  • Vanilla/Plain Ensure
  • Masking Tape
  • Duct Tape
  • ZipTies
  • Nets for birds/mammals
  • Sterlite Locking Storage Containers
  • Scissors
  • Red/Black/Blue/Green Expo Markers
  • Walkie Talkies
  • Ziploc Baggies
  • Receiving Blankets
  • Latex Gloves
  • Nitrile Gloves
  • 4' Wide Metal Shelving Units 
  • Fish Oil Tablets

Training/Behavior Department Wish List

Check out our online Amazon Wish List and directly order items and have them shipped to the SPCA!

  • Stuffed animals (without beans as stuffing)
  • Kongs
  • 6' non-retractable leashes
  • Buckle style collars
  • Martingale collars
  • Kong Wobblers
  • Bil-Jac small training treats
  • Sensation harnesses
  • D.A.P. calming dog spray
  • Super Galileo Nylabones
  • Clickers for training
  • Bait/treat bags
  • Kibble Nibble dog food dispensers (original size)
  • Busy Buddy Bouncy Dog Bone (large sizes; no bristles)
  • Replacement gnawhide treats which go onto Busy Buddy Bouncy Dog Bones (medium and large sizes)
  • Small, soft dog treats

  • Admissions Department Wish List
  • Universal animal microchip scanner
  • Ink pads for paw prints
  • Feli-way spray
  • Computer wrist supports
  • Tomahawk large wire cat carriers
  • Color paper (light green, light purple, orange, pink)

Adoptions Department Wish List

  • Fine-pointed dry erase markers
  • Pens
  • Sharpie markers
  • Sheet protectors
  • Scissors
  • Staplers
  • Feliway

Off-Site Adoptions Department Wish List

  • Washable cat toys (ex. plastic balls, small stuffed toys, etc.)
  • Fleece for cat beds
  • Three laser pointers
  • Nail clippers
  • Digital photo frames (10", preferably new, with USB port for flash drives)
  • 4GB jump drives

Foster Care Department Wish List

  • Medium size litter pans
  • KMR Kitten formula
  • Snuggle Buddies heating discs
  • Ethical thin colorful springs cat toy
  • Mylar crinkle balls cat toy

Petique Wish List

  • New pet toys for resale
  • New or gently used pet-theme gift items, jewelry, etc.
  • Unchewed rawhides and unexpired biscuits
  • Unopened, unexpired cat treats for resale
  • Large paper shopping bags with handles

Development Department Wish List

  • Boxes of mailing seals (small, clear dots)
  • Postage stamps

Eastern Hills Adoption Site

  • Cat wand toys
  • Sentry: Calming Collars
  • Feliway Spray
  • Assorted color printing paper 
  • Small bags of Miracle Grow potting mix

New Leash on Life

  • Small and medium sized dog collars
  • 6' leashes
  • Soft training treats
  • Durable dog toys

Rabbit Enrichment

  • Adult Rabbit Food with just Timothy Pellets (ex. Oxbow)
  • Young Rabbit Food with just Timothy Pellets (ex. Oxbow)
  • Rabbit Toys
  • Rabbit Houses
  • Oxbow Rabbit Treats